The Gurdjieff Foundation
of Canada in Montreal

I f you wish to join us for a series of three evenings in 2017 (January 26th, February 2nd, February 9th), please call or text  514-690-0390  for further information and to reserve a place.

Why do I search? 

    E ven a cursory examination of our history on earth yields all kinds of examples of events causing suffering for beings on both a small and large scale.  The present time is no exception and it may seem to some that on a global scale, the state of the world, is in an even greater deepening crisis. In these conditions, the question of the meaning and purpose of man's existence resonates and stimulates a search to understand. 

T his need to understand is not only related to catastrophic world events. It is similar in nature to a child's relentless questioning of why or a young adult's wish to resolve the contradictions of human behaviour as they appear for the first time. Difficulty in navigating through moments of crisis in the different spheres of our lives may also cause us to pause and question at a deeper level. Whatever shock initiates this need to understand, this call to search awakens us for a moment. Without an effort to sustain this disquieting state, we lose touch with these existential questions as conditioning and comforting habits lull us back to sleep.

What am I searching for?

T his state of questioning, if not abandoned, brings one to the beginning of one's search. And soon enough one discovers that the direction of this inquiry is inward.  Who am I? What is the truth about myself? Is it possible to have an objective valuation of myself? What are my real possibilities?

What does it mean to search? 

The weight of these questions and the need for an attention and persistent effort to stay in front of them lead me to acknowledge without a doubt that this search requires the help of those who have searched before me. And more than anything, I begin to search for an environment and conditions that allow for a level of inquiry where my questions can resound and where true and tested methods are available when needed. 

T here is a call for some individuals to seek out another quality of experience that nourishes a deeper part of themselves and establishes  a more conscious valuation of life. What is this experience? How is it renewed?

W e hope to share and exchange with you about this search and some related aspects of the Gurdjieff teaching and to give you an overview of the current work at the Foundation in Montreal.  If you wish to join us for a series of three evenings in 2017 (January 26th, February 2nd, February 9th), please call  514-690-0390  for further information and to reserve a place.